First Look at the Mystical Forest Cavern in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Sometimes I wonder why the magically sunlit woodlands beneath Eveningstar can’t find a way to peacefully coexist with the Demonwebs of Lolth.  Isn’t there enough Underdark to go around?  Then I remember how terribly my own original  pen-and-paper RPG game Dungeons & Bilateral Peace Accords sold through the Amazon marketplace.  Pity.  Despite mounting casualites on both sides, I guess heroic adventurers and bloodthirsty monsters just aren’t ready to set aside their differences and get serious about a lasting armistice.

So what are they fighting for?  Last week we brought you word of the all new druid class in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion Menace of the Underdark, and today we’ve got our first peek at the underground glade they’re sworn to protect. Check out the full gallery below!

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