Fireside Games bares it’s fangs with new card game Bloodsuckers

Interested in games of a decidedly non-electronic nature? Interested in prying those DS’s and game controllers out of your kids hands to play some games around the table instead of in front of a screen, but concerned about convoluted rulesets and extended time sinks? Indie game creators Fireside Games feels your pain, and their latest creation- Bloodsuckers– continues their pledge to creating fun, accesible games that the entire family can play that they started with Castle Panic. A few weeks ago we got to check out a demo of  Bloodsuckers, with Fireside co-owner Anne-Marie De Witt guiding us through the basic mechanics of the game. Check it out:

Bloodsuckers is out now, and two more releases are scheduled for this year- Bears, a competitive dice based game set during a camping trip, and Wizard’s Tower, an expansion to the hit Castle Panic.

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