Fire Emblem Awakening map is free for a limited time only


A new Fire Emblem Awakening map, titled “The Champions of Yore 1”, is available for free up until March 6th of this year. Which is just a few days away, so be sure to obtain this map for free while you still have a chance. It is noted that players must reach a certain point in the game known as the “Outrealm gate”, in order to access this free DLC.

I must add that the Fire Emblem series is truly fantastic, for those of you who have not played it. Fire Emblem Awakening is a difficult game to find, because the franchise is so popular. However, you can get the game from Amazon for $39.96 (with free shipping), which isn’t too bad. Just make sure to purchase it from Amazon’s retailer itself, because other retailers on Amazon are pricing the game way too high (usually in the $60 range).  For those of you looking for more information on the Fire Emblem series, look no further than the trustworthy, good old Wikipedia link on the subject.

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