Find a car, keep a car, Need for Speed Payback receives its first major update

Today, Need for Speed Payback received its first major update: the DLC pack, Speedcross. This update adds new vehicles, events, and more.

In Speedcross, several abandoned cars will be found scattered around Fortune Valley. If the player takes these cars and escapes the following police chase, they will be able to purchase the car from a dealership of your choice. The first car available will be the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R.

The Speedcross Competition is an event where players will be tasked with scoring as many points as they can through a pre-determined course. There are 16 new events split across four zones: Canyon, Airfield, Construction, and Ember Valley.

Finally, the update includes new BMW M Performance parts, Drift Runs, and the long-awaited wheel support. the Speedcross update is available to all owners of the Deluxe Edition or as a standalone download for everyone else. For more information on the update, visit the official blog.

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