Final Four Announced in Madden NFL Cover Vote Competition

Some people look forward to the start of the NFL season each year. Other people just look forward to the release of the newest Madden NFL game. Part of the excitement among gamers is finding out who EA Sports decides to put on the cover, and this year’s vote competition for that coveted cover spot gets a step closer with the announcement of the four semi-finalists.

 Fans nationwide have been casting their votes to determine the next cover athlete for Madden NFL 13, logging nearly 18 million votes at since the competition began on March 7.  Round 3 of the bracket-style phase of the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote resulted in upsets such as No. 6 seed Calvin Johnson (WR, Detroit Lions) surpassing No. 2 seed Rob Gronkowski (TE, New England Patriots) and No. 11 seed Patrick Willis (LB, San Francisco 49ers) beating out No. 2 seed Victor Cruz (WR, New York Giants).

The four semi-finalists are Cam Newton, Patrick Willis, Aaron Rogers, and Calvin Jonson. Voting for the semi-finals will continue from today until April 18th when the two finalists will be announced. The final round of voting will then go on until April 25th, when the winner who will grace the cover of Madden NFL 13 will be revealed online and on ESPN’s SportsNation. Personally, I’m not too concerned who wins. I’m just glad Tebow didn’t make it this far.

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