Final Fantasy XV trailer shows realtime combat, action, sword-swingin’


Do you like menu-driven combat in your JRPGs? If so, bad news – Final Fantasy XV has betrayed you. It looks like this time around the long-standing series has almost entirely given up the menus, relying on its perpetually delicate-looking characters to slug it out in action style. I have to say, as much as I liked and like menu-driven combat, the trailer does look absolutely beautiful – both the big, gargantuan demon-cow looking enemies and the soldiers have a whole lot of character to them, and the action is phenomenal.

On the other hand, that precious little high-five midway through the combat? Something about that just seemed so obnoxious. Don’t get too cocky, FFXV characters – I’m sure some kind of foppishly dressed villain will be along in short order to kick you around. Anyway, enough of my commentary – the trailer awaits!

FINAL FANTASY XV Gameplay Reveal (E3 2013)


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