Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gets Collector’s Edition, Retailer Preorder Bonuses

When Final Fantasy XIII-2 reaches North American shores early next year, fans of the Gran Pulse setting will be given a choice previously reserved for our gaming cousins overseas: whether to pitch in an extra $20 for the premium packaging, 4-disc sound track, and exclusive concept artwork found in the Collector’s Edition.  Square Enix is cautioning that they’ll only be producing a “limited quantity,” probably intending the CE to be a preorder-only package.  Fortunately we’re here to help you make an informed decision so check out the full spread and all the details about the retailer-specific preorder bonuses after the jump!

Additional exclusive incentives are available for users who preorder the standard or Collector’s Editions for FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 at the following retail outlets:

GameStop®: Receive an exclusive in-game item by preordering at GameStop e/retailers

–       Alternate costume for Serah, visible throughout the game

Amazon®: Exclusive Omega Boss Battle

–       Unique coliseum battle against boss enemy “Omega,” who joins the player’s party afterward

Best Buy®: Collectible Hardcover Book

–       FINAL FANTASY XIII –Episode i– novella, an original story that ties together the events of FINALFANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2

Hit the screenshot below for a better look at the special edition’s contents, and click the Press Release button for even more details.  Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to arrive on the 360 and PS3 on January 31st, 2012.

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