Final Fantasy Type-0’s Combat Gets Spotlight in Latest Trailer

Square-Enix has released a new video for Final Fantasy Type-0 focusing on the game’s various combat roles.

Across the game’s 14 playable characters, each will have different playstyles, summons, and abilities. The trailer shows various ways that you’ll be able to play with each character, as well as teases the Final Fantasy XV demo that will be available to those who buy the game’s first shipment.

Final Fantasy Type-0's Combat Gets Spotlight in Latest Trailer

Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17th in North America, March 19th in Japan and March 20th in the PAL region. There’s also evidence surfacing that the game will eventually come to PC. Type-0 originally was released for the PSP, meaning the game has seen significiant visual enhancements in coming to current-gen consoles.

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