Fifth episode of Final Fantasy XV anime released, mobile tie-in announced

Square Enix’s Brotherhood Final Fantasy anime reached its conclusion with the final episode of the animated series last weekend. In addition, mobile RPG King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon was announced for release on smartphone devices.

The final episode of the tie-in anime for Final Fantasy XV, entitled The Warmth of Light, features Noctis and company taking on Marilith; it also details the events that sets the stage for the upcoming game. All episodes of Brotherhood Final Fantasy are able to view on Youtube.

Announced at the Tokyo Game Show, King’s Knight – Wrath of the Dark Dragon is slated for release on iOS and Android devices later this year; the game was played during the Brotherhood anime series by Noctis and his friends. A nod to one of Square Enix’s earliest titles, Wrath of the Dark Dragon features a completely new story and world with an exciting multiplayer mode for up to four players.

Final Fantasy XV will be available on November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following a delay from its original September release date. You can check out our preview during PAX West here.

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