FIFA 17 Career mode’s new features detailed

With the start of the 16/17 season on the horizon for the biggest leagues around the world, and certainly one eye on the Premier League, EA Sports has released the latest information on FIFA 17’s career mode. With a bevy of new features introduced into FIFA 17, this years release looks as though it’ll be one of the more exciting FIFA’s in recent years.


The latest features for FIFA 17 include:

  • Total Club Management – This year introduces a more fleshed out club overview in which clubs have their own personalities which dictates their board’s expectations for the season. For instance, if you play a club like Arsenal, you might be expected to win the Premier League and the FA cup. On the other hand, clubs such as MK Dons might have you produce a youngster, in the vein of Dele Alli, to sell to the bigger clubs.


  • Financial System – The finances in career mode have been vastly improved upon compared to last years game. Club Worth is the new system in which you can now see a detailed breakdown of all the financials of the club. Transfer money, loan deals, media deals, youth facilities and stadium maintenance are a few categories to keep an eye on this year.



  • Managers – As you might have seen at E3, when Jose Mourinho came on stage to present FIFA 17, EA Sports introduced fully modeled and animated Premier League managers. Now in FIFA 17’s career mode, you can choose from 11 preset manager models to represent you as manager.


  • Japan J1 League – And finally, the latest FIFA introduces the Japan J1 League into FIFA 17 and its career mode. You can’t go wrong with adding more to teams to play around with in career mode, that’s for sure!



That is just a brief overview of the latest features coming to career mode in FIFA 17. For an extensive look at the new features, head on over to the EA Sports post here.

And while we wait for the Premier League season to start, and for Arsene Wenger to sign a damn striker, why not check out the FIFA 17 single player story trailer. Also, don’t forget to check out the details for EA’s FIFA 17 FUT Gamescom livestream here.

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