‘Feel the Fight’ in New EA SPORTS UFC Trailer

The last UFC title, UFC Undisputed 3, released in 2012 under the THQ brand, and was a respectable shot at bringing the extremely popular sport of mixed-martial arts to gamers–it just didn’t quite have enough fortitude to get the takedown. EA SPORTS has since gotten their hands on the UFC license and looks to be taking things in the right direction.

A lot of the appeal of the UFC, is being able to root for your favorite fighter. On the last-gen systems, fighters looked good, but they suffered from limited detail in the facial expressions and body types and had some jarring transitional animations.

The current gen systems allow the designers and animators to drastically increase the quality of the character models. The trailer highlights the incredibly detailed musculature of each fighter and how the body reacts to being punched, kicked, slammed and contorted. Each fighter looks and feels like their real-life counterpart and should go a long way in making the experience of playing EA SPORTS UFC feel more authentic.

Look for EA SPORTS UFC to drop this spring and stay tuned to us as we bring you more UFC action in the next round.

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