February PS+ titles include Transistor, Rogue Legacy, Yakuza and more

The games that PS Plus users will receive this February have been announced, and the collection is pretty solid.

For PS4 users, there’s Transistor and Apotheon. Transistor is the sophomore release from the indie studio behind Bastion, Supergiant Games, and it featured on several of our GOTY lists in 2014. Apotheon is a stylish brawler set in ancient Rome, and has a great deal of depth for those who love character action games.

PS3 users will get the chance to finally play Yakuza 4, the fourth entry in the lauded Yakuza series that always had difficulty finding its way to US shores. Thief is also available for PS3 players, the controversial reboot of the classic stealth franchise that might be divisive, but is still a pretty good game for the low, low price of free.


Any and all PS Plus owners will be able to experience Rogue Legacy, a personal favorite of the roguelike genre for myself. Your family’s destiny is to explore a massive castle and defeat the evils inside, but when you die, your next-of-kin takes up the blade and builds upon your work.

Finally, Kick & Fennick is a Vita-exclusive platformer with bright visuals and an interesting mechanic of using your gun’s recoil to make jumps. We know little else about the title, but it definitely seems worth the look.

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