Far Cry 3 gets cooperative – we have a trailer to prove it!

Far Cry 3 is just around the corner, and today we have a new trailer to show off how you can share in the insanity of the little island romp.    The game is set for release on December 4th, so you might want to check out this video soon…

Quadruple the insanity in the whole new co-op campaign in Far Cry 3.  With local and online split-screen on consoles, up to four players can reign havoc in paradise, all in the name of revenge.  Watch the new trailer now featuring the Scottish thug, Callum.

Co-op games are few and far between, so it’s sweet when a team takes it seriously enough to make it a main feature.   The fact that it’s 4 player cooperative play is just that much more epic.  Stay tuned – I’ll be reviewing this one personally.

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