Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sales exceed expectations, is beacon of hope

Dragon_Iconic_NO_LOGO_GOLDFar Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a game I wanted to see succeed.  It’s a sort of experiment in teaching publishers that not every game needs to be based on a brand new, ultra-high-fidelity graphics engine if they have their own unique style.  These little “expansion packs” cost less to produce, cost less to buy, keep artist and developer teams together and–as a bonus–it turns out they’ll sell.

According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sold better than they’d expected, reaching over 500,000 copies.  In an interview with Games Industry International, Guillemot said he was “very happy” with Blood Dragon’s performance. Hopefully, Ubisoft and others will see the success of smaller, cheaper projects and try again.  So, congrats all you people out there who bought Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!  Keep up the good work!

Source: Games Industry International


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