Fallen Enchantress Loses Strength

Also Intelligence, Dexterity, and Constitution.  All the base stats are out, stripped from the game in favor of far more exact Attack, Dodge, and Resistance scores intended to help players understand exactly how each skill, spell, and piece of equipment affects their units.  It’s all part of today’s massive 0.90 Beta Patch for Stardock’s much anticipated 4X strategy game Fallen Enchantress, and we’ve got more details right after the jump!

+ Tarth – Tarth units get +2 to Attack and Initiative when in armies of 3 or smaller.  Tarth has access to the Heartwood Shortbow (higher attack and initiative than a normal shortbow), Ithuane Longbow (higher attack and initiative than a normal longbow and it doesn’t require metal) and the Ram’s Horn Longbow (high attack and initiative than the Yew Longbow, it doesn’t require metal and it has 50% armor piercing).  All Tarth units can move though forests, swamps, hills and rivers at normal movement rates.  Tarth crafts Masterwork Chainmail instead of Plate Mail at Heavy Armor.  Masterwork Chainmail doesn’t provide as much defense but is lighter and quicker to produce.

This is the changelog note for just one of the preset factions in Fallen Enchantress, outlining the sorts of unique gear and bonuses that make the Tarth ideal for players who fancy the idea of inflicting maximum ranged damage with small bands of elite rangers.  It’s part and parcel of Lead Designer Derek Paxton’s desire to see that every kingdom in the game epitomizes a distinct theme and play style and this latest patch looks to bring new strategies to every race in the game.

Moving beyond faction-specific changes, the 0.90 patch represents a major overhaul to the basic combat system in the game by greatly emphasizing the natural strengths and weaknesses of all the gear.  Here’s an abbreviated selection of the sorts of changes it makes:

+ Rebalanced all monsters to magnify strengths and weaknesses.  Resistance and vulnerability to different damage types, counterattacks, immune to counterattacks, critical chance and other differentiators have been liberally spread around

+ Rebalanced all armor and weapon weights.

+ All swords have counterattack

+ Spears make the wielder immune to counterattack

+ Chain mail gives +100% defense vs cutting (instead of +50%)

+ Plate mail gives +100% defense vs blunt (instead of +50%)

+ Tremor removes all Dodge from effected target instead of -4 to Defense

+ Battle Cry allows all your units to act immediately

+ Confusion causes a unit to do full damage to itself

The full 0.90 Patch Notes scroll on for pages, adding and adjusting countless elements of the game Stardock is giving away to early adopters of the original Elemental: War of Magic, so check them out to see why Fallen Enchantress seems poised to make good on its predecessor’s promises.

Eligible Fallen Enchantress owners can download the latest version of the game, or just the 0.90 Beta Patch, through their Stardock Store account.

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