Fallen Enchantress Lead Previews Beta Patch

Patch notes are great.  It’s important to know what’s been changed, if only so you can adapt your play style to take it into account.  Only the most descriptive change logs can ever hope to match the value of a full patch explanation though, as learning about the reasoning behind each balancing tweak goes a long way to understanding why they’re important.  That’s exactly the insight we’re getting from Fallen Enchantress lead Derek Paxton, who published a look ahead at some of the major changes his team is implementing in the next beta release.

For example, I like the ability to recruit monsters.  But it’s too hard to get and not rewarding enough when you do.  So the Bonding Ceremony and Mercenaries techs are gone.  Instead the ability to create those improvements comes on other techs that were already worth getting (higher level improvements that allow you to recruit things like dragons and ogres are still special techs).  Most importantly when you train a monster like a Drake or Troll in your cities they will start at the normal level for that monster type, not level 1.  So your drake will start as a level 6 drake and capable of doing some damage.

See what I mean?  That’s so much more comprehensive than simply listing, “Bonding Ceremony & Mercenary Techs Removed” as a line item in the patch notes.

Paxton goes on to talk about giving players more choices in how to resolve quests, reducing research costs to make armies more viable, and the addition of some thirty new unit designs to beef up each faction’s conquest options.  Check out his full developer journal in our Press Release section below and head on over to the Fallen Enchantress forums to let him know what you think about the upcoming changes!

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