Fallen Enchantress Launches New Economic Stimulus

Derek Paxton’s renovation of the Elemental franchise ticks another notch towards completion today as the 4x game enters the next major phase of beta testing.  Months of feedback on the new faction abilities and combat mechanics have given his team a lot to work with, so they’re opening up the game’s economy to a similar level of redesign.

Beta 4 is about your cities.  The economic system has been redone and players will find a host of new options in creating and tweaking their empire.  Decide which of your settlements you turn into military focused fortresses, research and magic focused conclaves or towns which support your empire by providing food and gold.

Choose your city enchantments carefully, you can’t have more than your cities essence.  Do you want to use Wall of Fire to protect your city from attackers, Inspiration to provide additional research, Set in Stone to double production but negate any research from that city or Sovereign’s Call to attract more people to that city?

Separating cities into specialized fortresses, conclaves, and towns, each with discrete special features, sounds right in line with Paxton’s changes to the rest of the game: letting players make big decisions on how to develop their strategies.

The Beta 4 update for Fallen Enchantress is available now through the Stardock store for paid preorders and early adopters of the original Elemental.  The complete change log right here.

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