Fable: The Journey Launch Trailer

To go along with our Fable: The Journey Review, we also have the launch trailer to share.   The trailer shows off some of the fantastic Unreal Engine 3 powered graphics, some of the sweet spell effects, and gives you a good idea of what the story is all about.  Here is my story synopsis from my review:

The game opens with a quick introduction to Gabriel, our young, reluctant, and possibly narcoleptic would-be hero.  Along with his trusted horse Seren, Gabriel and his clan are taking a journey across Albion from the forests of Fairwood, through the dark crypts of Blackbarrow, to Echo Hills and beyond.  Gabriel, once again, has fallen asleep at the reins and awakes to find that he has been stranded on the wrong side of a collapsing bridge.   Set 50 years after the events of Fable III, the world still suffers from some of the evil that has gripped the world previously.   A vile tower sits menacingly in the distance, and Gabriel wants nothing to do with being a hero.  It’s funny how a quick conversation with long-time series staple Theresa (Zoe Wanamaker returns to voice the Seer) can forge the boniest of fledglings into powerful saviors.  With a new evil rising, it’s now up to Gabriel to assault the Tattered Spire and save Albion once again.

The game feels more like a proper integration of motion controls instead of pausing the story to throw useless minigames at you.   You can pick up Fable: The Journey at your local geek shop this morning.  Enjoy the trailer!

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