Experience the tranquil beauty of rain on October 1st

Rain-Splash-ImageSony has become the vanguard of an independent, innovative initiatve — one that celebrates the weird and the unique. rain appears to be no exception. We’ve got the second developer diary embedded below the break; in it, you’ll find composer Yogo Kanno, as he speaks about his inspirations, his use of Debussy’s classic Claire de lune, as well as some stunning accordion work.

I’m really digging the somber, contemplative vibe here — this is one that’s definitely on my radar. Click the link below to find the video, and look for rain to haunt your emotions on October 1st, only on PSN for $14.99. If you pre-order before September 30th, you’ll get a Dynamic Theme, profile Avatars, a musical montage, and a static theme.

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