Evolve Stage 2 gets new hunter Electro Griffin

After the shrewd move of taking Evolve to a free-to-play model (and dubbing it Evolve Stage 2), 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced the next DLC release. As a variant on the original harpoon-toting Hunter class, this new hunter’s name is Electro Griffin.  Electro Griffin brings a trio of new powers, as well as the vocal backing of Hollwood actor Roger Brown (The District, Alien Nation, Criminal Minds, Assassin’s Creed III) to bring him to life. Let’s dig into those powers:

  • The Laser Storm – Infused with electro neuron dampening plasma, this SMG will slow the movement of anything it touches;
  • The Final Lockdown – Bursting with sonic disrupter energy; this harpoon gun will damage and restrain the movement of its targets.
  • The Electro Suit – Allows the use of Electro Griffin’s full movement speed while firing for unprecedented combat mobility.

The official blog has some additional details on Electro Griffin, but you can also check out the video above, as well as these shiny new screenshot of the old boy in action.

You can download Electro Griffin, for free, right now.



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