Evolve Stage 2 gets co-op and Cataclysm modes

Evolve Stage 2 is getting yet another update with week two of their Shear Madness event. This patch brings a new mode called Cataclysm and a new co-op matchmaking queue system.

As the name implies, the events leading up to this Cataclysmic moment have caused the world of Shear to terraform into something the Hunters have never seen before. Is this the only zone of Shear that is being affected by this madness?

Orbital Drill has been altered into a map engulfed in hellfire and molten lava. The sky has been consumed with embers, soot and smoke that could engulf the whole planet. Strangely enough alongside the hellfire, the planet seems to have taken some of the Hunters healing technology through this transformation. Once Hunts begin in the Cataclysm zone, both Hunters and Monsters will see the damaging hellfire meteors falling from the sky accompanied by Generyst infused meteors that will heal both the Hunters and Monsters on impact.
Starting today Cataclysm will make its way into general Hunt matchmaking and the new Co-op matchmaking queue.

Alongside Cataclysm we have a number of new community requested features including the previously mentioned Co-op vs AI matchmaking queue where you can play with your friends and enjoy some more relaxed games of Hunt on Shear! Be sure to check out the full update notes and see what’s next to come in our month of content updates with Shear Madness. You might even get to catch a glimpse of some exclusive Co-op experiences we’ll be launching during the Shear Madness event.

The game is free to play on Steam (and coming to consoles at a yet-unspecified time), so there’s nothing stopping you from trying out the new modes for yourself. Each week this month will bring more evolutions to Evolve, so stay tuned as they are unveiled here on GamingTrend.

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