Evolve Players Getting Two Free Maps, Coming to Xbox One First

Turtle Rock has announced that Evolve players are getting two free maps.

The Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry maps will come to Xbox One on March 31st, while PC and PlayStation 4 players will get the maps on April 30th.

Through a post on the game’s official site, Turtle Rock explains the Evacuation Campaign effects for both maps:

Broken Hill Mine Evacuation Campaign Effects:
Hunter Win: Mining Drones get repurposed as Shield Drones for the Hunter team in the next match.
Monster Win: Destroying the mining drill makes the environment tectonically unstable. The resulting earthquakes will flush out birds from the surrounding areas, deceiving the Hunters as to where the Monster is really located.

Broken Hill Foundry Evacuation Campaign Effects:
Hunter Win: Energy-dense bohrium is used to supercharge the Hunter’s jetpacks.
Monster Win: Destroying the foundry engulfs the Monster in bohrium gas, making its melee attacks even more powerful.


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