Ever wanted Skyrim: Pirate Edition? Well, there’s a mod for you

It has been a few years since we all got our hands on Skyrim. But if you have ever wanted to go back, and I’m certain many have, you can now do so and play it within a pirate theme.

This odd mashup features a variety of piratey things, apart from just your every day eyepatch. In Pirates of Skyrin: The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag, you will experience sea combat as well as sail the “Sea of Ghosts.” There will be plenty of pirate pleasures for your heart to behold.

The mod is being consistently updated with the more recent one adding cannibalism driven Argonian pirates, something I think we all can support. There was also encounter added.

There is a nice little video walkthrough of the mod over on Youtube.

If you are looking to download this oddity, head on over to Nexus Mods and pick up the mod. The creators name is BigBizkit. Again, something I think we all can get behind.

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