Event[0] challenges players to befriend an emotionally unstable computer or die trying

What would you say to a computer if your life depended on it? Ocelot Society’s award winning sci-fi first person narrative game will be coming to PC and Mac this September. The player awakes on an abandoned spaceship, Nautilus, with only Kaizen, the ship’s lonely and insecure AI unit for company. The player communicates with Kaizen through typing messages on computer terminals. Capable of generating more than two million lines of dialogue, Kaizen’s responses and reactions vary greatly depending upon the mood of the AI.

Using clues around the ship, such as the background music, which is selected by Kaizen, the player must attempt to predict Kaizen’s state of mind and forge a friendship with the computer. The story unfolds organically as the player explores the ship, solves puzzles and unlocks clues to the cryptic history of the vessel, all with the ultimate goal of convincing Kaizen to return to Earth.

Event[0], which began as a six-month student project, has received a host of indy gaming awards, including Innovation at BIG 2015 and Student Award winner at EIGD 2014.

Event[0] takes me back to the kind of magic I felt playing Zork as a kid,” said Ron Carmel, Co-Founder of Indie Fund and Co-Creator of World of Goo. “There are moments where I can suspend disbelief and feel like I’m actually having a conversation with an advanced AI, probing its inner workings with words.”

Event[0] will be available on PC and Mac via Steam and the Humble Store this September. Learn more at, and follow @event0game on Twitter and on Facebook.


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