Etrian Odyssey IV Fonts it Up


Unbeknownst to me, but knownst to the localization team at Atlus, the 3DS is able to use just about any PC font available when porting a Japanese developed game over to North America. For this reason they went through several trial and error font selections in order to find just the right font for the upcoming Etrian Odyssey IV. According to Project Lead Nich Maragos:

We knew we wanted to go with a serif font for Etrian Odyssey IV, to complement the game’s narration-heavy feel of reading an epic saga. From there, we browsed online font repositories and picked out a few likely-seeming candidates, then made a few crude image hacks to see how they might look when implemented in the game. Our choice had to be legible without being too basic, with the right spacing and kerning to look natural inside the existing boxes, while also being thin enough to accommodate the character limits we’d used during the editing process.

So there you have it Font is important in a handheld game. To prove it check out the screen shots below showing off the font that Atlus went with.


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