Elite thieves will get staff-based specialization in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

The previews keep rolling in for Guild Wars 2’s upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion! This time around it’s the thief class to get the sneak peek treatment, with information now out about their expansion-based class specialization. The new spec will feature some enhancements to the class’ already-impressive dodging capabilities, with their arsenal further rounded out with the addition of the staff.

There’s a good number of upgrades coming with Daredevil, including a wide selection of new traits, passives, utility skills and more. Of particular interest is the elite skill itself – a three-stage combo which dazes opponents, and executes targets who are already in a downed state. Perfect for those thieves looking to add a bit more speed to their sudden rampages.

For those hungry for the full list of details, there’s a big rundown available over on the Guild Wars 2 main site. There’s a whole lot of big changes coming in Heart of Thorns, and we’ll keep you posted as the news keeps on leaking out.

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