Elemental: War of Magic 1.4 Patch Released

When Stardock released Elemental: War of Magic last year, it was done so with a number of bugs and issues.  Over the past year-plus, they’ve done a solid job of updating the game, in some cases making sweeping changes to how the game played in order to make it a much better experience for players.  Earlier this week, Stardock announced the release of patch 1.4 of the game, with patches still available via Impulse.

Highlights of the patch include the following:

  • Max army size reduced from 12 to 6 units
  • Tech multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.3 (faster research)
  • Named the dog unit’s default name from ‘dog’ to ‘Annie’ in honor of Paul Boyer’s dog
  • New title logo
The entire changelog is available here, so dig in and see everything that was changed.

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