Electronic Arts reportedly suspending marketing campaign for latest SimCity


The woes of SimCity continue. The fine folks at Bluesnews report that Electronic Arts has requested that all retail campaigns for SimCity be temporarily halted. You know your game is in bad shape when you’ve made the decision to tell the very people who are meant to spread the word about the game if they could, you know… maybe not do that. As poorly as this reflects on the current state of the latest SimCity, at least it’s a reasonably responsible move. I suppose the next step would be, what… straight-up apology? Maybe some refunds? (Don’t count on it.) For now, we have this supposed leaked email from EA’s Origin site, to their retail marketers.

EA Origin has requested to pause all SimCity marketing campaigns temporarily, until further notice. We have deactivated all SimCity text links and creative and we ask you to please remove any copy promoting SimCity from your website for the time-being. To be clear we are continuing to payout commissions on all SimCity sales that are referred, however we are requesting that you please stop actively promoting the game. We will notify you as soon as the SimCity marketing campaigns have been resumed and our promotional links are once again live in the Linkshare interface. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause, and we thank you for your cooperation.

I’m sure EA is going to throw resources into getting this game fixed, and fast – SimCity may not be The Sims, but it’s still a major title if just one of many among EA’s swarming herd of properties. Here’s hoping this results in the game becoming playable, fun, and worth buying (not to mentioning marketing) soon enough.

Victor Grunn has been a gamer since the days of single-button joysticks and the Atari 800XL. When not lamenting the loss of the Ultima series or setting people on fire in Team Fortress 2, he's an aspiring indie game developer and freelance writer.

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