Electronic Arts announces The Sims 4 – coming 2014 to PC and Mac


Electronic Arts has announced the upcoming 2014 release of The Sims 4 for PC and Mac. This is one of those news bits that you could comfortably file under ‘inevitable’ – we all knew it was coming eventually, it was just a question of when. Details are a bit thin at the present time – no screenshots, no feature list. Merely the EA announcement and the promise of more details to come. Still, for those of you who love ruling over your helpless AI denizens and forcing them to copulate with whomever you deem worthy, this is some great news!

Seriously, as someone who’s been into the life simulation genre ever since the days of Little Computer People, I’m always kind of interested in seeing which direction the Sims franchise will go in. Honest to God, I’m pretty tired of simulating the lives of relatively normal people – so the recent forays into fantasy worlds and medieval settings is something I hope continues with Sims 4. Maybe we could get a little sci-fi action going on. In fact, to hell with it. I want a Sims 4 Star Wars edition. Just give me an Ewok village and an AT-AT and I’ll be happy. On second thought, that may be more of a FPS genre situation…


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