EDF: Insect Armageddon Preview Trailer

The sequel to one of my very favorite games this console generation hits store shelves in three weeks, and looking at the newest footage I couldn’t be happier. Earth Defense Force 2017 was an homage to the monster movies I grew up with, complete with ridiculous story, cheesy voice acting, and critters that looked like they must have a zipper somewhere. The twist is that you play one of those little dudes running around with a machine gun that is usually getting stomped on by Godzilla or Megalon.

EDF 2017 wasn’t what you’d call a great-looking game, but if unleashing grenade launchers on swarms of giant ants is your idea of fun, it offered a ton of gameplay. Now EDF is back with Insect Armageddon, bringing graphics that are far superior to 2017, as well as new armor suit types which allow you to customize your play experience even more than the hundreds of available weapons already did.

Check out the trailer for the, you guessed it, non-stop bug killing action, then stop by the screenshot gallery for more bug-splattering goodness.


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