Early Resident Evil 6 Demo Access for Dragon’s Dogma Owners

Warranted or not, Capcom’s upcoming Dragon’s Dogma is already drawing a lot of comparisons to Skyrim.  They’re both open-world action-RPGs set amid gorgeous windswept mountain ranges, but where Bethesda’s latest game applied a few tweaks to the combat system from Oblivion, the Dogma team is hoping to set a new bar for melee combat by emphasizing party tactics, grappling, and monster-climbing attacks against the larger foes in the game.

But even the best of games can be overlooked by gamers if they arrive under new and unfamiliar titles, so the publisher is taking out a bit of insurance by offering 360 players early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo.  Just don’t expect immediate satisfaction: with Dragon’s Dogma targeted for release on May 22nd and the next principle Resident Evil game not expected until late November, it’ll likely be several months before the promised demo is available for even Early Access customers.

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