EA games star in possibly the humblest Humble Bundle ever

Humble Origin BundleLet’s not beat around the bush: EA doesn’t always have the best reputation with gamers. Even when we love their games, we don’t always like their business practices. They showed signs of change when they opted to remove the restrictive Online Pass system from their multiplayer titles, but this latest move is the most Origin-al one yet. The latest Humble Bundle stars top tier EA games including Battlefield 3, The Sims 3, Mirror’s Edge, Burnout Paradise, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 1 and 3, and Crysis 2. And to top it all off, the publisher sometimes known for excessive greed isn’t keeping any of the proceed for themselves; all of the money will be split between Humble Bundle and a number of great charities. Check it out:

Pay what you want and get the terrifying sci-fi horror third person shooter Dead Space 3; the original bone-chilling horror shooter Dead Space; the intense action-packed supersoldier shooter Crysis 2 Maximum Edition; the high speed open-world crash happy racer Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box; the authentic modern warfare sim Medal of Honor; and the first person parkour thrill ride Mirror’s Edge. Pay over the average and receive the beloved life sim The Sims 3 (along with two expansion packs in The Sims 3 Starter Pack) and the unrivaled military shooter Battlefield 3.

The $1.00 minimum price will get you Origin keys for all of the game, and Steam keys for Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, and Mirror’s Edge. The charities supported by the bundle include the the Human Rights Campaign, Watsi, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society.  Is this move partially motivated by a push to get more gamers on Origin? Probably. But putting money towards some great causes and getting some amazing games in the process is a good deal in my book. Keep it up, EA. I like where this is going.

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