EA Sports highlights goalkeeper in new “Control the Crease” trailer

The hype machine for EA Sport’s newest NHL title, NHL 16, continues to move forward as a new “Control the Crease” video has been released. The new trailer focuses on some of the new changes experienced while playing as the goalkeeper.

The new controls seem to allow the goalkeeper to be more agile as the opponent attempts to score a goal. Playing as the goalkeeper has always been a monotonous task so here’s to hoping these new controls will spice things up. In the announcement press release of the trailer, EA Sports stated:

When facing down a shooter – precise, controlled movements give you the ability to stop the puck and limit rebounds, all while maintaining control over your position in the paint. Movement and puck handling outside the paint are also key parts of a goaltender’s skillset, and new improvements to skating and puck control will allow you to spring passes to teammates on the breakout – or try for an elusive empty-net goal. When the shots start flying, decide whether to make controlled positional saves, or commit to high risk athletic saves that may leave you vulnerable to secondary chances.

NHL 16 releases on September 15th, and you can check out our review of NHL 15 here.


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