Sega Entering Kinect Owner’s Dreams with Rise of Nightmares

With a growing number of developers finding ways to make use of the 360’s Kinect hardware, SEGA has decided to introduce a new genre to the motion-sensitive device: Horror. Billed as the first true horror experience for the Kinect, SEGA boasts…

Rise of Nightmares heightens the horror experience like never before, forcing you to use your whole body against your enemies.  Using cutting-edge technology, you will be trapped in a nightmare-world of zombies, monsters and hellish scientists – the only way out is to fight. The nightmare will rise exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360 in September 2011.

Pantomiming a struggle against a hungry zombie in front of the TV set? Sounds like it could be fun! We’ll be able to find out for sure this September.

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