MMO Alganon Set to Broaden Horizons with Expansion, non-MMO Spinoffs

Quest Online’s MMO Alganon is set to expand in a number of ways. The announcement of the first Alganon addon Rise Of The Ourobani is less surprising, with direct expansions common with any successful MMO. More surprising is the announcement of two Alganon-based spinoffs using the United 3D game engine, which will apparently feature a mix of micro-transactions and allowing the transfer of perks to the Alganon MMO itself. It’s not the first time an MMO has allowed perks to be transferred over from an out-of-game source – World of Warcraft’s TCG tie-ins come to mind, as does Everquest’s TCQ – but this still is an intriguing development. From the release:

The first Alganon expansion, Rise Of The Ourobani is in development and scheduled to be released by the end of the year. ROTO is chock full of content, new features and most importantly, it introduces a new playable race as well as player housing!

Continuing our plans to expand the IP, two games based on the Alganon lore are in development by third party partners. Both non-MMO games, developed using the Unity3D game engine, are supported by micro-transactions and also allow the transfer of perks to the Alganon MMO game. Both games will be simultaneously released on PC, Android and iOS platforms in the coming months. More details will be revealed later this year as the release dates draw near.

Just what the Unity3D games will be and how microtransactions will fit into them remains to be seen. But between these expansion notices and the announcement that a comic based on the Rise of the Ourobani is planned with DC comics, Alganon seems to be building quite a following.

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