Dying Light throws a friendly jab at Evolve with Night Hunter video

Seems like it’s a day for 4v1 PVP games as the folks from Techland are showcasing their “Be the Zombie” mode for Dying Light with a little tongue-in-cheek video they are calling “Night Hunter Evolved”.  Here’s a nibble:

Gamers can see that the team-based 4v1 club keeps getting new additions to the family. As a little gesture, Techland released a “special” gameplay video today narrated by lead game designer Maciej Binkowski to highlight Dying Light’s take on the new age of asymmetric multiplayer as more games are joining the trend. The trailer focuses on the lone Night Hunter and showcases select advanced techniques that players can use when invading games of human survivors.

“With asymmetric PvP multiplayer continually ‘evolving’ we created this cheeky little video of our Be The Zombie mode as a bit of a salute to this awesome trend.” – Maciej Binkowski, Lead Game Designer

This is about to be painful.

This is about to be painful.

But wait…if you check out the video, you can nab a special chit for an in-game top-tier weapon in the game Dying Light!   You can do that at this link.

If you want to learn about what we thought of this mode and the main game, you can check out our review of Dying Light right here.

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