Dying Light: The Following release window revealed

The first expansion to Techland’s open world zombie game, Dying Light, called, “The Following,” has been given a Q1 2016 release window. It will cost $14.99 to anyone who has not previously purchased the game’s season pass. Check out the trailer above.

Techland recently asked fans to write letters, imagining who they would write to and what they would write about if they were trapped in the game’s Quarantine Zone, to be featured in a level of “The Following.” The developer has also stated that their ideas for a sequel to Dying Light are “very ambitious,” and may not be doable on current consoles.

Dying Light was released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 27th. Make sure to check out our review, where we praised the game’s free-running movement, but thought that the night time missions took away from the overall experience.

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