Dust 514 Drops a New Trailer From Orbit

Free-to-play is a phrase that doesn’t always conjure up the best images in one’s head. Sub-par graphics, awkward play mechanics, and the inevitable pay-wall money-grabbing scheme all turn me off from trying out some of these games, but after this trailer, I think I may have to put Dust 514 permanently on my radar. Set in the world of EVE Online (you know, that other job you have), it’s a persistent, free-to-play, massively multiplayer online  first person shooter that exists side-by-side with the EVE Online universe. This video, dubbed “Way of the Mercenary,” shows off some of the basics of online play, how you’ll set up your merc and how you’ll interact with your various squadmates, and what you must do to survive in a crazy huge warzone. Seriously, this game is looking super cool. It’s currently in closed beta, but you can still register here, and be sure to check out the video after the break. Dust 514 will be out exclusively on PS3 some time in the near future.


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