Dungeon Defenders Released; Dev Diary Within

Today marks the release of Dungeon Defenders on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation network.  It’s pretty great.  Don’t mistake that for an official endorsement or anything because I’ve only had time to tinker with the demo, but if the thorough blend of tower defense, action-RPG, and light real-time resource gathering I’ve seen so far is a fair taste of whole cocktail, I’ll take three more.  Gotta have someone to explore the four player co-op with, after all!

Players control one of four distinct heroes – Squire, Apprentice, Huntress and Monk – in an epic bid to fight back an ancient evil. Each character comes with distinct functionalities, and players can create and customize an armory of weapons and equipment. The campaign, whether with friends or solo, has tons and tons of gameplay with hundreds of loot drops (all upgradeable and customizable) to make each character that much more distinct.

Matches start off like a typical tower defense game, with players constructing static defenses to guard precious crystals from a coming onslaught of enemies.  It’s when the horde arrives that that hack-n’-slash elements kick in, with players taking direct control of their character’s abilities and customizable equipment to wage war directly on the battlefield.  Experience and loot are cumulative across matches so characters have 70-levels to gain as they explore the game’s myriad campaign missions, challenge maps, survival mode, and more.

Check out the developer diary video below to get some insight into the remarkable range of content the game has to offer.  Dungeon Defenders is now available for $14.99 through Steam and PSN, and the equivalent 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA.


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