Dungeon Defenders Launch Trailer

It’s tempting to classify Dungeon Defenders as one of the best tower defense games in the genre, but it’s not.  Tower defense games are all about smart planning, careful resource management, and at the higher challenge levels, quick decision making.  Dungeon Defenders certainly has all that, but by adding a full-fledged cooperative action-RPG to the mix, Trendy Entertainment has added equal amounts of skill-based combat, combined tactics, and treasure looting to the formula.  Pigeonholing the result as merely an “awesome tower defense game” just doesn’t do it justice.

You can get a sense of the game’s sharp-lined aesthetic by viewing the launch trailer below, but frankly, your bandwidth would be better devoted to downloading the free demo.  It’s worth your time.

Dungeon Defenders is available now through Steam and PSN for $14.99, and through XBLA for 1200 Microsoft Points.

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