Dungeon Defenders DLC Redefines Traditional Gender Roles

Steam users are obviously already aware that Trendy Entertainment’s acclaimed RPG/Tower Defense game Dungeon Defenders is on sale for half-off right now.  After all, if they’re not excusing themselves from the holiday feast to obsessively click Refresh on the various Black Friday sales available, what kind of a gamers would they be?  But between the whirlwind of savings and the tryptophan-induced haze, some of the finer points about the freshly arrived “New Heroes DLC” might get lost in the shuffle.  Thank goodness we’re here to spill the beans on the Adept, Countess, Initiate, and Ranger classes after the break!

Dungeon Defenders Hero Pack$4.99 (on sale for $3.99 for the first week)
Want 4 new Dungeon Defenders Hero Classes? Get ready to play as the gender-swapped versions of the main characters, equipped with all new abilities, stat ramps, and more:

  • The Initiate: A student of the mountain monasteries, this female monk can debuff all nearby foes with her “Enemy Drain” ability and buff the defenses of any nearby allies with her “Remote Defense Boost” ability.
  • The Countess: This noble female warrior can use her “Joust” ability to push through enemy lines with unstoppable force and her “Call to Arms” ability to rally allies to the cause increase their damage and damage resistance.
  • The Ranger: This elven hunter can cloak nearby allies and their defenses with his “Invisibility Field” ability and use his “Piercing Spreadshot” to tear through lanes of enemies in a wide arc.
  • The Adept: This female mage can destroy skeletons in a single blast and greatly damage their necromancer masters with her “Purifying Blast” and instantly upgrade any defense with her “Instant Upgrade” ability.

Normally $15, Dungeon Defenders can be had for only $7.49 right here through November 28th.  Additional details about the free “Great Turkey Hunt” content and the “Warping Core Challenge Pack” can be found in the Press Release section below.

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