Dungeon Defenders Celebrates 200k PC Sales + Free Weekly PS3/XBLA Community Events! Event Schedules Inside!

Dungeon Defenders, a game which scored a 93 in the Gamingtrend review by yours truly, has been doing well for itself. Today we get the announcement that over 200k Dungeon Defenders copies have been sold on the PC, and over 250k sales when you count the PS3 and 360 platforms as well. As well it should, it’s a great game! Ah, but there’s more to this than sales. There’s also some content to speak of…

To celebrate, Trendy has announced a schedule of free, weekly community events on the PS3 and 360 platforms that “will allow gamers to play special game modes with the devs and have a chance to win unique loot found nowhere else.” Interested? Then have a look at the nifty screen below – it shows just what these challenges are and when they’ll be had, giving you time to prepare!

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