Dragon’s Dogma Demo Offers Players Head Start

I wouldn’t have bothered with a traditional demo of Dead Rising 2 — it already had my money — but Capcom’s decision to allow my character progress in Case Zero to transfer forward into the full game persuaded me otherwise.  It’s a great strategy for spreading word of mouth, and now the publisher is applying the same tactic to their upcoming open world RPG Dragon’s Dogma ahead of its springtime release.

With your party of three Pawns, experience the different styles of two of the game’s character classes in two challenging encounters. A melee specialist skilled in both attacks and counterattacks, as the Fighter you will make your way through underground tunnels and chambers before taking on the deadly Chimera in a Prologue quest, set before the events of the main game. Swift and nimble, the Strider’s weapons of choice are bow and daggers; use them well if you are to defeat the mighty Griffin in the open plains surrounding the capital of Gransys.

From there, both your customized playable character and “main Pawn” can be freely exported into the main game upon its release.

We don’t have a precise date for the demo’s availability just yet, but Capcom assures us it’ll be available ahead of Dragon’s Dogma scheduled release on May 22nd.  Stay tuned for more details on the Dragon’s Dogma demo as soon was they become available!

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