Dragon’s Dogma Demo Delivery Date

A few weeks ago, we brought you word that the Dragon’s Dogma demo would offer participants a little head start on their progress in the main game by allowing certain elements to carry forward into the full game.  Early reports and game play videos make it look like one of Capcom’s most ambitious projects in recent years and they want to be sure their new action-RPG monster slaying game gets off to the best possible start.  And now, finally, we know what day to mark on our calendars.

We’re pleased to confirm that the previously announced playable demo of Capcom’s forthcoming open world action–RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, will be available to download globally via Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the North American PlayStation Store from Tuesday, April 24 and on the European PlayStation Store the following day, Wednesday April 25.

Melee and ranged combat will be both be on the docket, with a Prologue quest giving players the chance to sample the brutal close-range stylings of the Fighter, followed by a second quest to bring down a flying griffin with the bows and dagger of a trained Strider.  My advice?  Try setting its wings on fire.  That seems to be working pretty well on Hot Wings up there.

The demo date of April 25th gives interested players nearly a full month to mull the experience over before the full game comes out May 22nd.  That sort of lead time says a lot about Capcom’s confidence in the quality of their product, releasing their samples early with the expectation that word of mouth will grow to support the new brand.  Will the gambit work out?  We’ll be able to find out for ourselves in just about nine days!

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