Dragon’s Dogma Delivering Different Demo, Diminshed Difficulty

The mythical world of Gran Soren gets a little more hospitable over the next few days thanks to a new, easier difficulty option and nicely expanded demo.

Easy Mode is already available, percolating down to players through a free title update on both the 360 and PS3.  Once installed, the patch adds a new toggle to the game’s Options menu that players can select at any time.  I think anyone who’s ever faced the prospect of giving up on an enjoyable game because of a sudden spike in difficulty knows how welcome an option like that can be!

The new demo will include the same Prologue and character customization as the original, but instead of following up with a brief and context-free gryphon battle, the expanded version will allow players to help slay the enormous hydra seen above and escort part of the carcass to the capital.  It’s a much more satisfying slice of the early game than the pre-release demo.

Finally, the Gran Soren Times community website is holding a special screenshot competition, encouraging players to make the most of Dragon’s Dogma photo sharing features.  Look for full details on how you can submit your entries for The Fairest Maidens, The Most Dashing Gentlemen, and The Most Unique Myrmidons at the official website.

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