Dragons Conquer America Kickstarter drops today

After a successful opening with Faith: the Scifi RPG, Burning Games is ready to start its campaign for Dragons Conquer America: its newest properties which puts you squarely in the middle of the complex struggle between the Aztec Empire and the Conquistadors. Both are supplemented by religion-driven magic and draconic forces, and the game asks you to face prejudice squarely in the face. Not just from other characters, but from within. I recently put my thoughts together as to the free preview, the Coatli Stone, but if you want to know more, read below and check out the Kickstarter yourself.


Dragons Conquer America is a tabletop role playing game that grabs the best of our award-winning RPC Engine and takes it back in time to the 16th Century, to a world of historical fantasy full of mythological beasts, powerful magic and, of course, dragons.

It’s also a living, breathing setting. We want to create this New World hand in hand with the player. In Dragons Conquer America, each season will affect the next through the player’s actions. During the first Season, entitled The Dawn of a New World, players will be able to experience the first two Episodes of the setting.

Each of the episodes focuses on a different side of the epic clash between the Spanish and the Aztecs, and through them players will be able to rewrite history. The two campaigns contained in this book are full of action, intrigue, magic, and mystique.

Inspired by alternate reality novels such as American Gods and Temeraire and epic fantasy sagas like A Song of Ice and Fire, the game focuses on the physical and metaphorical exploration of the darkness in order to fight both the outer and inner demons of the world.

This campaign will help fund the creation of the setting’s first book, a 300 page-long tome entitled Dragons Conquer America: The Dawn of a New World. This is a two-part origin-story of a pivotal point in the setting’s history, the clash between European and Mesoamerican cultures.

Pledge Levels
There are a variety of pledge levels in this Kickstarter campaign:
€25: the full book and extras in PDF format.
€45: the 300 page-long printed book.
€75: the book plus two player decks (to play the game in its card based variant) and two NPC and Gear decks (each card depicts a unique NPC/item with full stats).
€99: the Kickstarter exclusive deluxe boxset of the game, including all the above plus a GM screen, 8 character folios and a exclusive two sided box illustrated by Rado Javor, lead artist in the Total War videogame series.
€350: all the above plus create an NPC hand in hand with us. This non player character will be featured in both the books and the NPC cards and the author will be credited.

Free Starter PDF
As a companion to the Kickstarter campaign, a 110 page-long introductory PDF of Dragons Conquer America is available free of charge on DrivethruRPG. The PDF includes the core rules and setting of the new game plus a full adventure entitled Episode 0: The Coatli Stone. This one-shot episode will serve as a prologue to the setting of Dragons Conquer America and as a way for us to playtest the mechanics.

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