Dragon Ball FighterZ receives a new trailer for Super characters, Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 2 information available

Last week, Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black were revealed in the Japanese magazine, Shonen Jump. Today, Bandai Namco released a gameplay video to show these three characters in action as well as a few new surprises.

One of these additions highlighted is the introduction to special dramatic cutscenes during certain moments of the game or if certain finishing moves are used against specific characters. These cutscenes could be anything from Goku becoming Super Saiyan for the first time, to Kid Buu being obliterated by a spirit bomb.

Bandai Namco also gave information on the Shenron System, where players earn Dragon Balls by performing combos against the other players. If all seven Dragon Balls are received, they will have the option to choose from the following four wishes:

  • Restore my health: Restore your character to full health.
  • Bring back my ally: One of your lost ally returns with 50% of their health.
  • Give my ultimate power: Boost your Ki gauge to MAX.
  • Make me immortal: Restore 50% of your health, auto-restore your energy gauge.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will also be receiving one more open beta before the game is released on January 26th, 2018. It’ll begin on January 13th at 12:00AM PST for players that pre-ordered the game digitally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and January 14th at 12:00AM PST for all other players until January 15th, at 11:59PM PST.

In addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ news, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 received news about Extra Pack 2.

A mysterious new teenage character named Fu will be joining DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 when the Extra Pack 2 contents are released in February 2018. Little is known about Fu other than he carries a ninja sword for swift attacks and he’s constantly smiling mischievously. Additional Story Mode contents will also be part of the Extra Pack 2 release. Players will embark on Time Patrol missions with their Master, more crazy adventures are sure to ensue.

Players will also receive the ability to customize Dragon Ball characters within Xenoverse 2. Extra Pack 2 will be released on February of 2018.


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