DOOM VFR (PSVR/Vive) and Fallout 4 VR (Vive) announced

During its third annual E3 press conference, Bethesda announced that two of its recent games will be coming to VR: DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR.

Both VR games have so far been confirmed to come to the HTC Vive, with Doom VFR also coming to PSVR. Fallout 4 VR was first demoed at games expos last year, but the game was at the time featured as a tech demo and a limited one at that.

DOOM VFR and Fallout 4 VR will be out later this year.

Update: Doom VFR has been announced for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive.  Fallout 4 VR has been announced for Vive only for the time being.  Enjoy the Fallout 4 VR gallery below:

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