DOOM – Unto the Evil map pack DLC now available

DOOM’s first premium multiplayer DLC, Unto the Evil, is now available to download.

This first of three multiplayer packs comes with three new maps, two new weapons, a new set of robotic armor, new taunts, and a new playable demon.

The three new maps (Cataclysm, Offering, and Ritual) will also be playable for anyone in a party with players that have purchased the DLC, courtesy of DOOM’s new PartyPlay system.

The new weapons include the UAC EMG pistol, which fires a shotgun-esque round when aiming down sights, and the Kinetic Mine, which attaches itself to surfaces and is triggered by a motion sensor. Gameplay of the new demon, the Harvester, shows off a standard firing ability, as well as a powerful projectile shot which splits vertically three ways.

Unto the Evil is available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $14.99 US. We gave DOOM a 90 for resurrecting “not only a series, but an entire flavor of shooters.” For more on QuakeCon 2016, check out the new gameplay trailer for the Prey reboot.

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