Doctor Who Skins Arrive on Minecraft for Xbox 360

The latest Minecraft add-on has arrived for Xbox 360 players today and within it is costumes based on the wildly popular Doctor Who franchise.

The skins will cover various characters from different eras of the series, including the following:

• The First Doctor
• The Fourth Doctor
• The Sixth Doctor
• The Ninth Doctor
• The Eleventh Doctor
• The Twelfth Doctor
• The War Doctor
• Clara Oswald
• Rory Williams
• Weeping Angel
• Snowman
• Smiler

Doctor Who Skins Arrive on Minecraft for Xbox 360

A post on the Xbox Wire claims that this is just a “sample” of what the Doctor Who add-on will contain. The skin pack will run you $2.99/€2.85/£1.99, and will be coming to Xbox One in the near future.

Recently, Microsoft acquired Minecraft developer Mojang, leading to speculation that the game would no longer be supported on some platforms. However, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer later clarified that that wouldn’t be the case.

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